Sonar Navigation

It is very uncommon in the maritime domain to ever connect those two words together in a sentence. Sonar, in its current form and private use, is primarily for fish finding, giving incredibly detailed, panoramic views of the bottom directly below your vessel with a very wide variety of options and multi-function displays.  Considered of vital importance to a successful sport fishing trip with ability to gather and apply this information.  Bottom line is; what is beneath your vessel in the unseen depths has always been a mystery when underway on the surface.  Sonar is giving the boater the ability to see what lies directly below and to the sides…only when the vessel is stopped or proceeding very slow through the water.  That translates to underwater information after your vessel has moved over the position it is recording.

There is one single element, remarkable difference, and capability that separates the normal retail version of sonar technology from a very considerable advancement in underwater sensors now available to all mariners called; Forward Scan developed by Navico;  This forward-thinking technology provides the ability to quickly gather, process, and graphically display information below the surface of the water ahead of the vessel.  Something once only reserved for naval and other military use, this one specific distinction will forever change the way sonar is perceived and utilized in pleasure, even commercial boating.  This capability expands the sensor from real time to something considerably more valuable and useful…Navigation

By definition covers most of the aspects of this science but one; the profound feature of looking ahead, sub-surface while moving through the water, is something extraordinary that could intelligently and accurately deliver the final advantage to the science of safe navigation.  Complimenting both sail and motor vessels, operators will possess the capability to see obstructions, shallows and other dangers that are ahead of them by as much as 8x the depth of the water they are operating in.  That particular, unique change makes this sensor vitally useful and significant. Grounding and floundering are common in unfamiliar waters, sometimes even when the GPS chart is showing a different picture from the satellite.  Technology application for agencies to use in search and recovery and other operations makes this attribute of sonar a real game changer when it comes to information gathering and processing.  Safe navigation is based on the premise that there is adequate water beneath the keel to allow the vessel to move about.  Now there is a way to get that very same knowledge before you reach that position, providing an effective window ahead of you to accurately pilot and completely assess hidden dangers, making it now a viable component of navigation…Sonar Navigation.


Learn The Navigation Rules of the Road

Does not matter the type of vessel, the body of water, or the time of day and visibility…correctly learning and understanding the Navigation Rules of the Road is crucial to your “collision free” time on the water.  There are many ways to accomplish this objective, the best is by actually taking the USCG  license course and pass the examination.  Not a One Day course, but the required number of hours for license, followed by an examination.  Professionally trained instructors delivering a USCG approved syllabus, whether on-line or in class will vastly improve boating safety, benefiting everyone.

Pass The Exam with an Expert License Instructor and Tutor

Professional license instruction, testing, and tutoring from an expert mariner is an extremely useful advantage when it comes to understanding the course material sufficiently to achieve success and improve your ability.  Years of proven experience with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and Merchant Marines serves to provide you the absolute best training to meet your license goals!

The primary mission is to bridge the learning gap by helping you totally grasp the information and apply that knowledge to a successful outcome… ~ PASS THE EXAM !!!