Learn The Navigation Rules of the Road

Does not matter the type of vessel, the body of water, or the time of day and visibility…correctly learning and understanding the Navigation Rules of the Road is crucial to your “collision free” time on the water.  There are many ways to accomplish this objective, the best is by actually taking the USCG  license course and pass the examination.  Not a One Day course, but the required number of hours for license, followed by an examination.  Professionally trained instructors delivering a USCG approved syllabus, whether on-line or in class will vastly improve boating safety, benefiting everyone.

Pass The Exam with an Expert License Instructor and Tutor

Professional license instruction, testing, and tutoring from an expert mariner is an extremely useful advantage when it comes to understanding the course material sufficiently to achieve success and improve your ability.  Years of proven experience with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and Merchant Marines serves to provide you the absolute best training to meet your license goals!

The primary mission is to bridge the learning gap by helping you totally grasp the information and apply that knowledge to a successful outcome…

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