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Successfully Prepare for the Exam plus Excellent App Review and Submission Service to the USCG National Maritime Center


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Online Webinar, Live Group Seminars, or Private Instruction to 



Expert License Application Service

Government Paperwork can be very complicated. We can help you achieve your goals and navigate through the process

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Comes with complete instructions and technique samples on PDF (iN-PERSON EVENTS ALSO AVAILABLE)

USCG License and Exams


Blended Learning Method for USCG License

4-Day Training with Instructor, 9 am until 3 pm. Master the course with the online syllabus coupled with an Instructor and Examiner spells Success!

Training Event Scheduling

Smaller classes normally delivers an excellent learning experience and helps successfully prepare for the exams. Other locations are available with an approved training facility. Contact SteveJohnson@NavTeach.com or www.CPOJohnson.com to find out more.

Cost Savings!

Fewer days of in-class. One of the very best online courses to satisfy the training requirements by National Maritime Center. Expert service with application verification and submission. Spend less time getting there and more time learning. You will enjoy tremendous, positive results.  

Blended Training for Master License or OUPV

$995 for the Master Course. Same requirements as OUPV and enables the licensed operator to carry more passengers, bigger vessels, with the ability to go into foreign waters like the Bahamas or other locations. OUPV Blended Course is $795

How to Enroll

Contact www.USCaptainsTraining.com to register and find out more about the remarkable learning system and tremendous benefits of Blended Training. 

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Complete Your License or Certification with CARS

CARS - Credential Application Review and Submission

Coastal App Review Service. 

Let us help you successfully complete and submit the App in 72 Hours!

Quickly fill-out and submit your application for license and certifications to the USCG with our crew of proven specialists...All in  96 Hours.  Contact the experienced industry professionals to discover the fastest way to get your license or credential in hand 


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