Not a word normally used in any language but in fact is something you do each and every day. You estimate your position, you calculate where you are to avoid running into things or stepping into danger.  In addition driving a motor vehicle, even your boat requires some of this ability.

Did you know you can apply that very same understanding and proficiency to marine navigation?  First introduction to Mercator Chart Plotting should utilize these familiar systems to develop a keen sense of estimating position, commonly referred to as Dead Reckoning.

The objective is to learn these particular skills and no better place to do that is with a professional tutor and guide.

Find your way to success in passing the exams…


Pass The Exam

In the beginning…

One of the most difficult things to do for a professional mariner is to prepare for a license examination, assessment, or re-certification. You need regiment, discipline, courage to complete the learning tasks.  There are many ways to digest information with total recall but more importantly it is the change in behavior and thought that occurs when something is genuinely learned.  It becomes who we are and serves well as progress develops through our professional careers.  For those of you eager to succeed in that one focused objective; to obtain the Merchant Marine Officer License or Certification, this approach will be of great value.

True learning is a process, organized and deliberate in goal most often gathered of previous experience, from Mentors.  My history is long with many turns and twists, both aviation and ships.  A good combination of skill sets, each complimenting the other, not only the subject matter but especially the technique needed to acquire proficiency.

For you see…the real knowledge, the type that will carry over to all types of uses in life is in the structure and system, not just the content.  More importantly it is the person delivering the knowledge that enables the discovery in the learning process.  That is exactly the mission this service is resourcefully crafted to deliver…Success

Each person is different in composition and how they absorb information.  Given that maxim, Study Plans should be developed specifically to the individual.  Many factors to consider, wide range of subjects, all colliding on course to the final examination.


Ask yourself this one question…Are you ready?